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Wooden Steak Plates. For cooking Fajita or Steak at Home.

Ironwood Gourmet 28101 Steak Barbecue Plate, Acacia Wood

Ironwood Gourmet 28101 Steak Barbecue Plate, Acacia Wood
  1. Easy to maintain and clean, simply wash with warm soapy water and air dry
  2. 11 x 13 x 0.75 inch
  3. Keeps grilled food hotter for longer, steak knives sharp and contains juices so they don't transfer to your plate
  4. Made from gorgeous acacia wood, known for its unique and natural contrasting patterns
  5. Features a grommet for hanging on display when not in use

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Winware APL-10, 10" Aluminum Sizzling Platter with Wooden Underlier, Fajita Steak Seafood Serving Plate with Wood Holder, Oval Fajita Server, 2-Piece Set

Winware APL-10, 10
  1. Great for serving steaks, fajitas, seafood, and chicken wings, it also can be used as a display plate for your signature appetizers and hors d'oeuvres.
  2. A great addition to your home or commercial kitchen, this sizzling platter boasts a smooth, sleek design that will easily complement any decor and add a modern touch to any table setting.
  3. For enhanced durability, this serving plate is made from high-quality aluminum to endure the demands of both home and commercial use.
  4. Manufactured from extra durable and heat resistant wood, a wood underliner perfectly secures table surface from any damage caused by high temperature or spills.
  5. Thanks to its raised rim, this fajita server with wooden underliner prevents spills while ensuring ease of handling during transportation.

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Maximum price$25.002017-11-18

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Ironwood Gourmet 11x13 Wood Steak Serving Plate.

Ironwood Gourmet 11x13 Wood Steak Serving Plate.
  1. Origin: Taiwan
  2. Cleaning & Care: Handwash
  3. Material: Acacia Wood
  4. Dimensions: 11 x 13 x .75-in.

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M.V. Trading MTBSP2V Cast Iron Steak Plate Set Large with Wooden Board, 11¼"(L) x 5¾"(W) x 1¼"(H), Set of 2

M.V. Trading MTBSP2V Cast Iron Steak Plate Set Large with Wooden Board, 11¼
  1. Included is a wood underliner, providing a safe placing for the heated platter
  2. Size: Iron Plate 10"(L) x 5½"(W) x ¾"(H) / Wooden Board 11¼"(L) x 5¾"(W) x 1¼"(H) / Handle 4½" Long
  3. Ready to give those grilled vegetables and meats that appetizing sizzle
  4. The removable gripper allow for easy manageability when working with the cast iron platter
  5. For cooking Fajita or Steak at Home
  6. Made of cast iron material. Made in China

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Happy Sales HSS-TBSP2, Cast Iron Steak Plate Set Medium 6W x 2H x 12L, Black

Happy Sales HSS-TBSP2, Cast Iron Steak Plate Set Medium 6W x 2H x 12L, Black
  1. Heavy Cast Iron Construction
  2. For cooking Fajita or Steak at Home
  3. Medium Size Cast Iron Sizzling Steak Plate with Wooden Base
  4. Happy Sales HSS-TBSP2, Cast Iron Steak Plate Set Medium 6W x 2H x 12L, Black

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9.25" Long Cast Iron Sizzling Fajita Japanese Steak Plate With Handle and Wooden Base

  1. The wooden base is 11.5" long, 5.75" wide and 0.5" tall.
  2. This beautiful cast iron sizzling plate is your best buddy to cook personal sized meats or vegetables. Cook with the sizzling plate on your stove then remove and put on the wooden base for serving.
  3. Sizzling plate measures 9.25" long, 5.5" wide and 0.75" tall.
  4. The cast iron handle is 4.5" long.

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Acacia Wood Steak Lamination Thai Product - Nineteen Intertrade, Manufacturer and Exporter

Peerless Rustic Acacia Wood Steak Plate Made in Thailand By Nineteen Intertrade, Wooden Kitchenware Manufacturer and Exporter based in Thailand We .

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Fajita Plate Set - Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Fajita Pan with Wooden Tray and Hot Mitt by Old Mountain

Fajita Plate Set - Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Fajita Pan with Wooden Tray and Hot Mitt by Old Mountain
  1. Comes with wood tray
  2. Old Mountain logo is burned into back of wood tray
  3. Pre Seasoned and Ready to Use
  4. Comes with quilted hot mit

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Maximum price$17.602017-11-02

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Wood Steak Board 12 x 8 Solid Oak Serving Barbecue Platter Natural Thick Cutting Plate Durable & Quality

Wood Steak Board 12 x 8 Solid Oak Serving Barbecue Platter Natural Thick Cutting Plate Durable & Quality
  1. BEST GIFT IDEA. PARTY SUPPLY. BEAUTIFULLY WRAPPED. Comes wrapped in the craft paper in rustic style. This incredible board makes an attractive & practical gift for Wedding, Holiday, Thanksgiving day, Charcuterie, Housewarming, Birthday, Engagement party, Parent's anniversary, Mom's Day, Christmas, Gift for Grandmother, Gift for Her or other special days!
  2. ECOLOGICAL PACKAGING! Our boards are packed in ecologically clean material - kraft paper, which allows the wood to "breathe" and prevents dampness or other damage. Please note: The chopping board is covered with oil, so can leave stains on the package!
  3. IMITATION OF STEAK! The board in its shape and pattern imitates a steak - a great way to serve the fried juicy piece of meat to the table! Surprise your family and friends not only with delicious and healthy food, but also with an original serving of dishes.
  4. CONVENIENT SIZE! 12x8" for serving steak for 1 person or snacks for the company. FREE GIFT - We, just like you, like to give gifts) We hope that the kitchen spatula that comes as a gift will be a pleasant and practical addition to this steak board.
  5. 100% ECO-FRIENDLY & QUALITY. The steak board is made of oak - a solid kind of wood, the products of which are distinguished by their practicality and durability. Please note: Each tree has its own unique structure, so the shades of the wood on the board can be different from the sample in the photo. The serving board is pre-charred and covered with a special protective Food Grade Oil.

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