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Wooden Steak Plates. For cooking Fajita or Steak at Home.

Ironwood Gourmet 28101 Fort Worth Steak Plate, Acacia Wood

Ironwood Gourmet 28101 Fort Worth Steak Plate, Acacia Wood
  1. Features a grommet for hanging on display when not in use
  2. 11 x 13 x 0.75 inch
  3. Keeps grilled food hotter for longer, steak knives sharp and contains juices so they don't transfer to your plate
  4. Easy to maintain and clean, simply wash with warm soapy water and air dry
  5. Made from gorgeous acacia wood, known for its unique and natural contrasting patterns

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It's Not A Scornful Board! (WnW #75)

Barbecue Tray with Juice Grooves. wow, how exciting. ⇊ Click "Show More" for lots more details.

Post-mortem: Burn Co. BBQ adds gourmet touch at new Riverwalk location - Tulsa World

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This Is How It Feels to Eat 13-Year-Old Steak - Previously

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Himalayan Salt Block Holder & Wire Cleaning Brush- Safe & Easy Salt Slab Plate and Grilling Stone Cooking (8"x8")

Himalayan Salt Block Holder & Wire Cleaning Brush- Safe & Easy Salt Slab Plate and Grilling Stone Cooking (8
  1. Easily and safely cook, carry, and store your Himalayan Salt Slab
  2. This salt slab holder is perfect for use in oven or grill- NOT FOR USE OVER 482 degrees Fahrenheit
  3. Wire cleaning brush makes cleaning your Himalayan Salt Block a breeze!
  4. Wire brush is strong, durable, and cleans your grilling stone without damaging it- *salt slab not included
  5. Features easy-grip wooden handles, so transporting your himalayan salt plate is effortless

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Yukon Glory Premium Steak Cutting Board 100% Acacia Wood Gift set with 3 Steak boards. Comes with Juice Groove, Steak Knives, and Condiment Cups - The Ultimate Steak Serving Tray!

Yukon Glory Premium Steak Cutting Board 100% Acacia Wood Gift set with 3 Steak boards. Comes with Juice Groove, Steak Knives, and Condiment Cups - The Ultimate Steak Serving Tray!
  1. ✔️INNOVATIVE DESIGN: This steak/meat board is designed to hold both the innovative sauce-cups and steak knife inside grooves in the board, so you'll have them by your side at all times. The engraved moat around the board's perimeter stops juice from spilling over. This set can also be used for carving meat. SIZE: 15.25" x 10" x 0.75"
  2. ✔️GIFT SET: Buy the gift set and receive 3 steak board sets, packaged in classy giftwrap and tied with elegant twine. Ship gift set directly to your special person. Perfect gift for men, or dad's birthday! Every guy would love to own this set, perfect for: Fathers Day, Valentines Day, or your boyfriends/husbands anniversary!
  3. ✔️PREMIUM STEAK-BOARD SET: Large steak chopping/Serving board made from premium acacia wood. Set includes 1 large acacia board, 2 stainless-steel sauce cups, and 1 premium wooden-handle steak knife.
  4. ✔️EASY TO CLEAN: Hand wash with mild soap and water. The perfectly carved acacia wood adds an elegant touch to your home. This board is perfect for preparing, cutting and serving food and meat, and is a great gift idea for a special occasion

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Happy Sales HSS-TBSP1, Cast Iron Sizzling Steak Plate Large

Happy Sales HSS-TBSP1, Cast Iron Sizzling Steak Plate Large
  1. Happy Sales HSS-TBSP1, Cast Iron Sizzling Steak Plate Large
  2. Heavy Cast Iron Construction
  3. For cooking Fajita or Steak at Home
  4. Large Cast Iron Sizzling Steak Plate with Wooden Base

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Ironwood Gourmet 11x13 Wood Steak Serving Plate.

Ironwood Gourmet 11x13 Wood Steak Serving Plate.
  1. Material: Acacia Wood
  2. Origin: Taiwan
  3. Cleaning & Care: Handwash
  4. Dimensions: 11 x 13 x .75-in.

Making a Wooden Salver/Plate

During a pub carry earlier this year, my sister's burger arrived on an intriguing 'square plate' made out of wood and I immediately received a...

9.25" Long Cast Iron Sizzling Fajita Japanese Steak Plate With Handle and Wooden Base

  1. This is an Ebros Gift exclusive collection.
  2. This Sizzling plate serves 1 person in general and measures 9.25" long, 5.5" wide and 0.75" tall approximately.
  3. The wooden base is 11.5" long, 5.75" wide and 0.5" tall. The cast iron handle is 4.5" long.
  4. This beautiful cast iron sizzling plate is your best buddy to cook personal sized meats or vegetables. Cook with the sizzling plate on your stove then remove and put on the wooden base for serving.

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Acacia Wood Steak Lamination Thai Product - Nineteen Intertrade, Manufacturer and Exporter

Peerless Rustic Acacia Wood Steak Plate Made in Thailand By Nineteen Intertrade, Wooden Kitchenware Manufacturer and Exporter based in Thailand We .

Sizzling Iron Steak Platter w/ Wooden Base

Sizzling Iron Steak Platter w/ Wooden Base
  1. * Plate: 10-3/4 X 7 X 7/8 inches
  2. * Base : 12-1/2 X 7-1/4 X 5/8 inches

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Morton family unwritten law of excellence continues at MB Steak

If for ever a steakhouse was bred to have a pedigree as refined as the Imperial Wagyu that graces the pristine porcelain plates it’s served upon, it’s MB Steak. Created by Michael ... dining meet with. Charred wood walls, buttery leather banquettes ...

Lava Stone Steak Set

Lava Stone Steak Set
  1. Simply preheat the rock in the oven at 550-580F for 1hour or on the gas or electric hob for 30minutes, add your favourite sauces and sizzle away with the hot searing process trapping all the flavours and moisture inside your meat or fish.
  2. You can purchase the ROXY12 rock oven (which you can purchase on our website: www.blackrockgrill.com/shop) to heat your rocks up to 440c/824F as they do commercially, thus extending the cook time even further. Using heat proof gloves or our stainless steel shovel /pick (which you can purchase on our website) you can move the rocks safely onto the bamboo board to sit onto of the stainless steel underplate. To Chill your rock place in the freezer for at least 4hrs, serving a variety of desserts!
  3. A wide variety of meat, fish and vegetables can be cooked on the rock. The Lava Stone Steak Set can be used sizzling hot or freezing cold. To heat your rock either place it in the oven for 60minutes or place on your gas or electric hob for 25-30minutes.
  4. The Lava Stone Steak Set creates mouth-watering food, for use at home, dinner parties, or a gift. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  5. Lava Stone, Bamboo Board, Stainless Steel Underplate, Rectangle Plate. All of the component parts that make up the Lava stone Steak Set have been specially sourced for their suitability. The wooden board must be wiped down while the rock can be washed in water but do not soak the stone. Includes: x1 Lava Stone (20cm x 13cm x 3cm) x1 Porcelain Rectangle Plate (20cm x 10cm x 2cm) x1 Stainless Steel Underplate (22cm x 14.5cm x 1cm) x1 Wooden Board (27cm x 24cm x 3cm) Weight 4kg Each

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Wood Fired Cinnamon Apple Acidic Tatin

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Scrutinize: Burn Co. BBQ adds gourmet touch at new Riverwalk location

The gnocchi (tight doughy dumplings) were soft and smoky and a good companion to the steak. The peppery salmon, a thick fillet for the grilled plate and a bit thinner ... then take hold a seat at one of the 12 wooden picnic tables or at two-top or four-top ...

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